Shown Different, 7 Tips Fun Modified Kitchen

Kitchen, compared to other rooms of the house, often looks less tidy. Commonplace, given the usual activities in the kitchen-store a variety of groceries, prepare dishes, to wash dishes-and furnishings needed.

But, would not it be nice to see your kitchen clean, with beautiful decor and furniture arrangements? Especially if, one day, your home gets visits from close relatives and friends. The kitchen atmosphere was more fun and excited.

Then, how to change the look of the kitchen becomes more okay? At a glance, this idea sounds “expensive.” However, it is not always. With the right tips, your kitchen can look “new” without having to spend a lot of money.

Interested in trying? Then check out the tips collects for you, below.

Shown Different, 7 Tips Fun Modified Kitchen

Define Theme

Googling unique kitchen designs throughout. Collect and talk with family members.

  • Which one is best suited for your kitchen?
  • Is the kitchen theme all-around “green” aka natural?
  • Or a kitchen with a simple and elegant layout?
  • Or a fresh, cheerful and colourful kitchen?

After setting the theme, also specify what to change, add, or subtract. Collect all materials and equipment needed for work.

Also, make sure your kitchen is clean of used items that are not needed. Store items that can still be used, or updated so that they can be utilised in the latest design of your kitchen.

Changing the Light

Your kitchen, it could be, looks dingy because of light problems. If that’s the case, why not add or change the lighting? It’s simple, but it’s a simple step to change the kitchen.

If you have cabinets attached to the wall, you can also add lights underneath so that the bottom is bright.

Large Plate Rack

Usually, we buy a dish rack that is “stuck.” Either made of wood, plastic, or materials that are easily damaged. The size is not too big, cause not all plates and cutlery can be placed there. As a result, your kitchen even looks messy.

Therefore, invest some of your money in buying a large dish rack, with stainless steel or other sturdy materials. This shelf will make it easier for you to keep all the cutlery while functioning as an attractive decoration with a touch of colour and motif.

Table Layer

In the kitchen, there is usually room or “long table” for slicing and preparing groceries. Well, this part is often not coated anything, so often looks dirty and full of scratches. To minimise the damage, give the surface oil. For striking changes, you can also paint them with the appropriate colours.

Alate Drawer and Shelf

Do your drawers or shelves seem boring? If so, try lining it with a patterned pad. Materials that can also be selected vary. Some are made of paper, fiber, and so forth.

Variety of Faucets

Without your guess, replacing the faucet can change the taste of the kitchen. As we know, some faucets are designed really as “taps.” There is no other function.

So the design is monotonous. Well, good news, not all tap manufacturers have the same thinking. There are also creative, interesting, and funny taps.

Carpet Decoration

The floor of the kitchen is usually coating-free. The reason, of course, is because the kitchen is often dirty and full of stuff. It does not seem to add anything, does it?

However, the kitchen floor could be duller, day after day. By adding a carpet, your kitchen atmosphere can instantly change. Choose a carpet of material that is easily vacuumed. So, you do not have to hassle cleaning it.

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