7 Fantastic Wall Textures for Your Kitchen!

The time when the kitchen was still tiled from floor to ceiling and also the wall was over. Now we have a broad range of wall patterns in the kitchen, ranging from ceramic tiles, wood to plated wallpaper, acrylic and plastic.

Before we decide to cover a particular wall area, there are some questions to consider.

  • What colours will we bring to the kitchen?
  • How expensive or cost-effective is the panel?
  • What should he hold?
  • Will we install ourselves or use expert services?

Also, wall design also affects the style of the kitchen. If you are looking for a warm and cosy atmosphere, just wear gold-plated wood. Or if you are a modern enthusiast, the metal surface is more suitable.

To make a choice so much easier, 7 different designs and materials will help you determine what your kitchen wall design will look like.

1. Plastic and acrylic paints

Kitchen by Pyram
White, black, stainless steel and a vibrant splash of yellow. By Pyram

If you want to bring a little colour to the kitchen, you can use plastic and acrylic colours on the wall.

This varnish is waterproof, fast dry, durable and easy to clean, so it is suitable for use in the kitchen. Many modern paints and varnishes also contain a beneficial anti-mould substance.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Kitchen by Equipe Ceramicas
Masia Olive, Cream , Decor Jewel Cream 7,5×15 By Equipe Ceramicas

Ceramic tiles are trendy. Because they are easy to maintain and also resistant to water spray, oil splash, wine and others.

Plus, many choices with different designs, colours and shapes that are suitable for kitchen walls. So you can customise according to your taste.

3. Wood

Kitchen by Ardesia Design
By Ardesia Design

Using wood in the kitchen makes it look natural and comfortable. But also tend to be sensitive to moisture. So if you want to use wood in the kitchen, make sure you call experts only.

It is also advisable to regularly oiling the walls to protect the surface to preserve the natural character of the material.

4. Vinyl

modern Kitchen by K&L Wall Art
Wandtattoo + Name Chefköchin By K&L Wall Art

If you are looking for a simple and frugal wall cover, you can choose a vinyl plate. Easy to install, easy to maintain and fits with various budgets. It can also be tailored to individual taste and personalised as in the picture.

5. Natural Stone

Kitchen by Creative Designs
By Creative Designs

Granite, slate, marble, sandstone, quartz – natural stone walls in the kitchen are very popular as well. Not only easy to clean but durable and always look beautiful no matter you want to leave the impression of rough or luxurious. But you should call for professional help for this.

6. Wallpaper

kitchen by Dec&You
By Dec&You

Wallpaper may not be the perfect wall covering but is now beginning to be an attractive alternative. Many models are easy to install and clean, durable and moisture resistant. The great thing about wallpapers is that you can choose various designs easily.

7. Glass

Kitchen by Asenne Arquitetura
By Asenne Arquitetura

You who choose glass as a wall can choose between simple glass panels with thickness or other glass panels. Both types are clear, blurred, stencilled or printed. Glass panels can be mounted with a spacer on the wall or inserted into the U-profile, but the glass panels can also stick on the wall with silicon.

Extra tips: Stainless Steel

Steel tends to resist rust but brings advantages and other alternatives such as heat resistance. Therefore the steel is suitable for the area behind the stove. Also, steel is also easy to clean like tiles because dirt and water can be easily removed.

The material is also visually compatible with kitchen equipment made of steel or other. It forms a harmonious structure with a wall that is also made of steel, is not it?

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