8 The Right Modern Kitchen for Limited Space

It is very common to find and find an interior design for a kitchen with a limited area, especially the kitchen in the apartment where the division of the room is one crucial thing.

To realise the modern kitchen, you need to focus on the selection of materials, colours and furniture accordingly. The contemporary decor in modern nuances has a simple character, with bright shades and minimalist touch.

One of the most important things to consider in organising and managing a small kitchen decor is to avoid filling the room with non-essential items.

The basic things needed in the kitchen are enough to make sure the kitchen area is beautiful and functional. Here are eight modern kitchens dedicated to inspiration to design your kitchen.

1. Use bright colours

Kithen by Mader Marti Architektur ETH SIA
Küche renoviert By Mader Marti Architektur ETH SIA

Tiny kitchens tend to be deemed inappropriate if they use very striking colours. However, the kitchen with a striking colour choice is a personality trait of kitchen users radiated.

The best way to create a contrast between striking colours and neutral colours is as shown in the photo above, where the white colour balances the striking blue colour.

Regardless of its shape, warm colour types can be used as a striking colour balancer and are suitable to be the colour of the cabinet or counter surface.

2. Integrate the kitchen with living room or dining room

Kitchen by Architetto Alberto Colella
By Architetto Alberto Colella

The integration concept intended here is perfect for small-sized kitchens. This can be done by removing the kitchen wall and installing glass doors that allow the unification of the kitchen with living room and dining room, so that makes the room seem spacious.

3. Choose a neutral nude colour

The nude colour is now rising in the world of the decoration of any room, including in the kitchen. The nude colour is perfect for any environment, with the gray colour being one of the nude colours.

The nude colours look beautiful in a small room as shown in the picture, and have a beautiful contrast with the bright colours that come in the form of small accessories and decorative elements.

4. Color, mirror and light in the room are not symmetrical


If the shape of the kitchen room does not support, adjust to fit the needs of the wearer. First, with a light colour, like white.

Secondly, with glass, which helps provide wider room effects, and a third with natural lighting and lights strategically positioned inside the kitchen.

5. When the kitchen even block and disrupt the flow of indoor space

kitchen by Stefano Dorata
By Stefano Dorata

Sometimes, the division of a room can be strange and unusual, and in such cases, you have to be creative.

Like when the kitchen is on the road to another place, such as to the back garden or the terrace, you need to arrange the room in such a way to keep it neat with simple furniture, always clean surface, and many cabinets to store and organise items.

6. Industrial style

Kitchen by Happyhomes
By Happyhomes

The latest trend in the world of decoration and interior style is a very modern industrial-style trend while creating beautiful effects that can be combined with the right furniture, organic and simple.

7. The kitchen island creates a dining area as well

Kitchen by Arq. Leonardo Silva
By Arq. Leonardo Silva

If the kitchen is small, other areas within the house may also be of limited and small size.

With a kitchen island that separates the kitchen with living room, created a large area, especially with a pair of seats to eat, so that allows the area to eat.

8. Modern-style retro

Kitchen by Disak Studio
By Disak Studio

Speaking of trends, retro room style is now again popular. A brilliant and the workable idea is to combine modern furniture with retro sections.

The kitchen in the following photo appears to have a classic-style cabinet with wooden tables and table legs of more modern materials.

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