The idea of ​​starting this blog emerges as a way to share different things with you that are difficult to write in 140 characters. They are usually isolated comments of things that catch my attention, make me curious, or that happen to me. It’s in some way inspired by Tim Ferriss’s ” 5-Bullet Friday ” and Derek Sivers’s ” What I’m Doing Now ” and therefore a mix of both, but extended (I recommend investigating these two characters a bit if you do not know them).

I do not have deadlines. I do not have obligatory subjects. I touch the issues that arise at that moment and that I want to share with you. It may be a book, a short video, a phrase, a thing I discovered that I think useful or a travel experience.

I clarify that nothing I put here will be covert publicity if I recommend a product it is only because I like it because it is worth it and I use it. If at any time, there was an advertisement, stay calm, it will be clear.

Thanks for reading here and if you like, I invite you to share it with anyone you think might interest you.

Thanks for reading all the way to this point and I invite you to share it.


Emma Kraus